Final Workshop/Seminar of project FLOODSTAND

Time:   7th February 2012                                                 

Place:   DIPOLI Congress Centre, Hall 4B       

             Aalto University                                                                

             Otakaari 24, Espoo, Finland                                    








Tuesday, 07 February 2012             

08:30-09:00   Registration (near the entrance to Hall 4B)            

The public workshop/seminar of project FLOODSTAND                     Chairman: Pentti Kujala/AALTO

09:00               Welcoming words by the Dean of the School of Engineering                  Petri Varsta / AALTO ((link)           

09:10               Short introduction to FP7 project FLOODSTAND                                      Risto Jalonen / AALTO (link)

09:30-11:00   FLOODING PROGRESS MODELING                                                         

09:30               Experimental and numerical tests with leaking and collapsing doors         Mateusz Weryk / CTO &  (link)

                                                                                                                                                       Hendrik Naar / MEC  (link)

10:00               Cross-flooding tests & analysis                                                                       Patrick Queutey / CNRS/ECN  (link)

10:30               Summary of tests, computations and simulations related to flooding        Risto Jalonen / AALTO  (link)

-        Guidelines and criteria on leakage occurrence modeling            

-        Sensitivity analysis 

11:00-11:30                                  Coffee/Tea break

11:30-12:30   TIME TO CAPSIZE                                                                                         

11:30               Analysis of time to capsize (ttc): Experimental studies in model scale       Björn Allenström / SSPA (link)

11:50               Time to capsize (ttc) and uncertainty                                                              Andrzej Jasionowski / SSRC (link)

12:10               DISCUSSION ON THE TOPICS COVERED ABOVE                                     All

12:30-13:30                                  Lunch break  (in Hall 2)

13:30-15:30   SUPPORT FOR DECISION-MAKING                                                             

13:30               Flooding prediction based on level sensor data                                           P. Ruponen & P.Pennanen / NAPA  (link)

14:00               Mustering, abandonment and rescue                                                             Philippe Corrignan& P.Maurier/BV  (link)

14:30               Decision making for crises management                                                        Andrzej Jasionowski / SSRC (link)

15:00               Demonstration of  results for applicability in design                                   D. Spanos & A.Papanikolaou /NTUA (link)

15:30-16:00                                  Coffee/Tea break


16:00               FP7-project GOALDS; Linking the results of FLOODSTAND                   A. Papanikolaou / NTUA  (link)

16:30               Designers’ viewpoints and comments                                                          H.Luhmann/MW&M.Kajosaari/STX (link)

17:00               Concluding comments by the Advisory Committee                                    Bo Fagerholm / TraFi (link)

17:15               DISCUSSION ON THE TOPICS COVERED ABOVE                                   All

17:45              Final words of the Public Workshop/Seminar by the Chairman of the Steering Committee, P. Kujala