Partner 4: Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. (CTO)

Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. (Ship Design and Research Centre) forms the research, development and design background for the Polish maritime industry and through its many years? activities contributes to maintaining high-level innovativeness of ships being built in Poland. Starting from 1998 CTO S.A. has taken part in EU Framework Programs carrying out projects together with foreign and domestic partners and running its own ones. The participation in the EU FPs is an important factor in the development of the Polish scientific and research potential, an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and good practises and also a considerable source of financial resources to conduct pioneering research and develop the research infrastructure. Thanks to its participation in domestic and international organizations CTO S.A. strives actively for the needs of the Polish maritime industries so that they are taken permanently into account in the research programs of the European Research Area. Participation in e.g.: EFFORT, EROCAV, INBAT, INTEGRATION, LEADING EDGE, MARSTRUCT, OPTIPOD, SAFECRAFTS.

Mateusz Weryk: M.Sc. (2003) Gdansk University of Technology (PG), Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics Faculty, Sound and Vision Engineering Department. Acoustics specialist in Ship Structure Division of CTO S.A. 2004/6- 2006/2. Experience in Vibroacoustic analysis, prognosis and measurements. Training in advanced using of AutoSEA2 (2005), EAA Student Grant 2006 for excellent contribution to acoustics in the field of Noise Control Engineering in EuroNoise 2006 conference.

Pawel Dymarski: M.Sc. (2001) PG, Poland. Dr.Eng. (2007) PG, Poland. The Ph.D. thesis subject: "Modeling of viscous flow around hydrofoil and ship propeller with the use of finite volume method". 1999-2006 Assistant in Ship Design and Research Centre, CFD group. Developing computer code based on surface panel method for ship propeller flow computations "SRU" (1999-2001); Developing RANSE code "SOLAGA" (2002-2006). 2006- CFD specialist, Ship Design and Research Centre, CFD group.

Tomasz Jan Bugalski: M.Sc. (1978) PG, Poland. Dr.Eng. (1989) Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS). 1999-Head of CFD Group of Ship Design and Research Centre S.A. Gdansk, Poland. Wide experience in ship and propeller design, towing tank & cavitation tunnel and PIV experiments. Practical experience in developing computer programs. Special experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics, three-dimensional and free-surface ship flows and interactions between propeller and ship hull. Member of Resistance Committee of 23rd ITTC. Member of Wake Field Committee of current (25th) ITTC.

Marek Kraskowski: M.Sc (2004) PG, Poland. M.Sc. thesis on ship structural analysis. From 2004/3 until now CFD assistant in the CFD group of CTO S.A. Experience in CFD computations of the free-surface ship flows, internal flows in designed cavitation tunnels, propeller analyses.

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