Partner 8: MEC Insenerilahendused O (MEC)

(numerical) strength analysis. Company provides solutions for complex engineering problems using its fleet of modelling and simulation tools. Highly qualified personnel of MEC have expertise in analyzing the ultimate strength of structures; dynamic non-linear numerical simulations; fluid structure interaction problems including the elastic-plastic deformations of the structure etc. Personnel have been participating in several research projects involving problems concerning the calculation and visualization of ship responses in collision and grounding, ultimate strength of cruise ships, strength of lightweight structures under dynamic loading, response of different structures on violent ground motion etc. MEC has wide background of using commercial finite element packages like LS-Dyna, FEMAP NX-Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, IDEAS, etc.

MEC's staff members involved in project FLOODSTAND will be: Hendrik Naar, Dr. Tech, and Meelis Mäesalu, M.Sc.

Hendrik Naar has obtained Master's degree in technical physics from Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) in 1997 and Doctoral degree in Naval Architecture from Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) in 2006. Currently he is associate professor in Tallinn University of Technology. Hendrik Naar is a member of ISSC committee.

Meelis Mäesalu has obtained Master's degree in technical physics from TUT in 1998. From 1998-2003 he studied in Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and is currently finalizing his Licentiate degree in TKK on visualization of ship motions during a hard grounding accident.

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