Partner 9: MEYER WERFT GmbH (MW)

MEYER WERFT GmbH is a large German shipbuilder specialising in cruise ships, ferries, liquefied gas tankers and livestock carriers. MEYER WERFT is one of the most advanced European shipbuilders with an over 200 years family owned tradition. It is permanently involved in R & D activities aimed to offer the worldwide market innovative products at competitive cost, short time and good quality. The shipyard based in Papenburg, Germany is equipped to build sophisticated ships with a high degree of outfitting completely under cover.

The company is one of the world leaders in the application of certain new technologies, like laser welding, CAD, planning and simulation. This position has been achieved by a number of internal and nationally funded research programmes. MEYER WERFT acted and acts as coordinator in the research project ECOPAINT, SANDWICH, ECODOCK and DOCKLASER and participated in several additional EU funded projects like CALYPSO, PodsInService, BONDSHIP, SAFEDOR and others. The 6th FW is joined by means of the integrated project InterSHIP together with 6 other European shipyards. Further projects are in preparation.

The FLOODSTAND project will be handled by the Sales and Design department of MEYER WERFT. This group is also the main competence centre in the shipyard for the product development and ship theory. The group involved in this project consists of a number of high qualified naval architects working as a team to develop all kind of passenger ships and performing the corresponding calculations with regard to intact and damage stability. If necessary, the group will be assisted by technical personnel from other design departments of the shipyard, dealing with interior design, machinery and outfitting.

Henning Luhmann, born in 1959, has graduated from the Technical University of Hannover as Naval architect in 1985. Since then he is working in the project department dealing with all questions of hydrodynamics, stability and damage stability calculations and currently he is leading the design and ship theory group. He has participated directly in the research projects CALYPSO, PodsInService and SAFEDOR, is member of the IAB of VIRTUE and acted as reviewer for the German ministry of research. Since 2005 he is member of the German delegation at the SLF subcommittee at IMO and working active in the SDS working group developing the latest damage stability regulations.

Wiebke Weinrich, born in 1981, has graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Bremen as naval architect in 2006. Her diploma thesis dealt with the design of a cruise vessel complying the new probabilistic damage stability rules. After working in the stability department of DNV in Høvik, Norway, she is now working in the design group of the Sales and Design department.

Jörg Pöttgen, born in 1970, has graduated from University Duisburg/Essen as a naval architect and is working in the ship theory group of the Sales and Design department. Currently he is responsible for the first application of the new damage stability rules to one of the cruise vessels under construction at MEYER WERFT.

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