Partner 10: Napa Ltd (NAPA)

Napa Ltd is an independent software house, which develops and markets systems and services for naval architecture. The main software product of Napa Ltd is NAPA, the Naval Architectural PAckage. NAPA is a CAE system for initial and basic ship design, comprising, among other things, 3D modeling of the entire ship, naval architectural calculations, hydrodynamic calculations and communication with other design systems through numerous links and interfaces. The NAPA system is employed in about 150 organizations, including practically all major European shipyards. Napa Ltd has representation offices in Japan, Korea and China.

Onboard-Napa Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Napa Ltd. Onboard-Napa Ltd is responsible for sales and delivery of the Onboard-NAPA system. Onboard-NAPA is an advanced computer program for vessels such as car ferries, cruise liners, tankers etc. Onboard-NAPA is especially strong on the cruise ship market, with a market share of 90 %. We are in continuous and close co-operation with all major players in safety related issues. The system permits on board simulations of ship loading and damage scenarios. More than 700 ships, shipping company offices, authorities and other organizations have installed Onboard-NAPA.

The principal contributors to the project will be Mr. Pekka Ruponen and Mr. Petri Pennanen. Other qualified persons like Mr. Petteri Vilanen, product manager (passenger ships, navy ships and decision support system for flooding control) and Mr. Markku Larmela, senior systems analyst (numerical analysis) will also participate in the project activities.

Mr. Pekka Ruponen, D.Sc. (Tech.): for four years he has been involved in the development of a novel time domain simulation method for progressive flooding in a joint project of Napa Ltd and TKK Ship Laboratory. This method has been implemented into NAPA software and extensively validated with dedicated model tests. During this research he has got deeply into different flooding mechanisms and numerical modeling of flooding. He has carried out his doctoral dissertation work on "Progressive Flooding of a Damaged Passenger Ship" and continues the development of the NAPA Flooding Simulation tool.

Mr. Petri Pennanen, M.Sc. (Naval Architecture): Having worked at Napa Ltd for the last 10 years, he is currently heading the development of the applications used in the operation of ships. He has a strong background in onboard applications after having headed the deliveries and customer support section of the company for several years. His deepest expertise is in the fields of general ship design, ship hydrodynamics and software applications for onboard use as well as the classification rules regarding them.

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