Partner 11: SSPA Sweden AB

SSPA Sweden AB (SSPA), Sweden, was founded in 1940 and is an independent, limited company owned by the Foundation Chalmers University of Technology. The staff is 77 people (14 females and 63 men) and the annual turnover 2006 was 89 million SEK (about 9.7 million EUR). SSPA provides high-tech consulting services and research within ship technology, marine operations and waterborne as well as intermodal transport systems. SSPA runs three scale model test facilities (towing tank, cavitation tunnel and sea keeping and manoeuvring basin) and a simulator laboratory. SSPA is situated in Göteborg, on the Campus Johanneberg of Chalmers University of Technology, with an office also in Stockholm.

The department SSPA Research is responsible for the initiation and management of Research Projects and includes today (March 2007) nine experts and PhD students. The total number of running Research Projects is 16. Research at SSPA can be described in terms of a system-oriented approach to waterborne and intermodal transport systems, with important elements of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Efficient, safe, comfortable and environmental-friendly waterborne transport systems are in focus. The research includes following fields:

SSPA participated in 22 projects, networks and concerted actions during 1994-2002 (EC 4th and 5th Framwork Programmes). The following are relevant for this proposal:

Today (March 2007) 16 Research Projects, with support from EC 6th Framework Programme and national research agencies, are running. The following are relevant for this proposal:

The following national research projects are also completed:

Project leader at SSPA will be Björn Allenström, Vice President at SSPA. Björn Allenström's research interest is mainly in the field of hydrodynamics, especially propulsion, but also problems connected to seakeeping and manoeuvring as well as securing of cargo and ship safety in general. In 2000-2003 he was Technical Manager of the 5 MEuro EU project OPTIPOD. He is a member of SNAME and RINA. He is today project leader for a number of research projects, both European and national.

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