Partner 17: The Ship Stability Research Centre

The Ship Stability Research Centre (SSRC) was officially launched in January 1997 by the then U.K. Minister for Shipping Lord Goshen aiming to provide a focal point for active international collaboration on ship stability and safety and to instigate, promote and nurture safety-related research to help shape maritime safety at large. Pursuing this goal single-mindedly, over the past ten years, SSRC has become the world-leading centre of excellence on ship safety, acting as catalyst to mobilise, motivate and inspire the maritime community into thinking of safety in a new light by helping safety to be bestowed at the heart of the design process through systematic research and application and the provision of cost-effective safety solutions through innovation.

SSRC is responsible for instigating major research efforts and generating substantial funding on maritime safety and for establishing and nurturing collaborative projects and networks, thus contributing towards establishing a critical mass to ensure long-term viability of ship stability and safety research and commensurate evolution of best practice.

Prof. Dracos Vassalos is the Head of Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde and the Director of the Ship Stability Research Centre (SSRC), a world-leading centre of excellence on ship stability and safety. His life-long ambition and vocation have been to promote the use of scientific approaches in dealing with maritime safety and to create a critical mass in the research community, through organising/chairing/leading International Conferences, Workshops, Committees, Networks and Collaborative projects, thus nurturing safety enhancement through innovation. He has lectured widely, published some 400 technical publications, won a string of prizes and awards including some 100+ major research contracts. Currently, Professor Vassalos is Chairman of the International Standing Committee of the "Design for Safety" Conference, a theme instigated and promulgated by SSRC through the EU Thematic Network SAFER EURORO and serves as member of the UK delegation to IMO for ship stability. He is also the Managing Director of Safety at Sea Ltd., an engineering consulting company offering specialist services to the maritime industry on ship stability and safety and on the design of knowledge-intensive, safety-critical ships.

Dr. Andrzej Jasionowski graduated from the Technical University of Gdansk (MEng, 1997), and University of Strathclyde (PhD, 2002). He is engaged as Technical Manager of the Ship Stability Research Centre, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, and as a Director of Safety At Sea Ltd. His main interests comprise ship hydrodynamics, damaged ship dynamics, stability, modern risk assessment, inductive inference, plausible reasoning, modelling uncertainty, numerical algorithms development, philosophy of safety. Author/Co-author of 34 journal and conference papers.

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