Partner 2: STX Finland Oy (STX)

STX Finland Oy (ex. Aker Yards Oy) is part of the international shipbuilding group STX Europe (ex. Aker Yards Asa), one of the largest ship builders in the world focusing on sophisticated vessels. The group comprises 17 yards in seven countries with approximately 20,000 employees. It is divided into three business areas: Cruise & Ferries, Merchant Vessels and Offshore and Specialized Vessels. The capacity and capabilities in these are utilized across borders. STX Finland Oy belongs to STX Europe Cruise & Ferries business area, which combines the long tradition of Finnish and French shipbuilding, and thus benefits from a unique design competence and strong industrial synergies. STX Europe Cruise & Ferries has built, or are building, all 15 of the largest cruise ships in the world.

STX Europe Cruise & Ferries is known for innovative designs and prototypes. Besides the largest delivered passenger vessels in the world - Voyager of the Seas by Aker Yards Oy in Finland, Queen Mary 2 by Aker Yards SA in France, and Freedom of the Seas in Finland - even bigger vessels of the Genesis class are already under construction. Also other types of innovations, like the first all-outside-cabin cruise ships, prefabricated cabins and bathroom modules, and indoor promenade originate from the Aker Yards.

STX Finland Oy has three shipyards in Finland. The yard in Turku is one of the biggest and most modern shipyards in Europe, building post-panama size cruise vessels. The yard in Helsinki is specializing in car-passenger ferries. The Rauma yard is the leading ferry builder in the world, specialized also e.g. in small cruise ships. The number of personnel in STX Finland Oy amounts to some 3,800 employees. The "assembly yard" concept of the company boosts the whole surrounding economic region.

STX Finland (ex. Aker Yards Oy) has actively been involved in promoting revisions and improvements in various international rules and requirements e.g. by attending to the work of IMO sub-committees dealing with ship safety issues. Aker Yards Oy has also been engaged in several national and European research and development projects, in order to develop and improve its abilities in ship safety, design and construction.

The project will be handled by the Naval Architecture design department of STX Finland Oy. The principal contributors to the project will be Ms. Anna-Lea Routi, design engineer in charge of the hydrostatic and stability calculations, and Mr. Markku Kajosaari, manager of the Naval Architecture design department. Other qualified personnel in the Naval Architecture design and other design departments will assist in the project activities.

Ms. Routi has a long experience in ship stability calculation methods and tools. She has also actively represented Aker Yards in the work of IMO SLF subcommittee and in EU-funded research projects, such as HARDER. Ms. Routi will assume responsibility of the relevance of the research activities and results from the ship design and construction point of view.

Mr. Kajosaari has more than 20 years of experience in various tasks in ship design, sales and construction. He has also coordinated as the Project Manager the ship design related EU-funded development project MOBISHIP in FP5. Mr. Kajosaari will assume responsibility of assigning staff, monitoring the project work and promoting the dissemination of the results.

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