Partner 1: Aalto university School of Science and Technology (AALTO)

AALTO is the main university of technology in Finland. Since the organisational changes in 1.1.2008 the Marine Technology (ex. Ship Laboratory) belongs to the Department of Applied Mechanics, which is a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (ex. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). The Marine Technology provides degrees and carries out research in naval architecture; ship design and ship structures, ship hydrodynamics, marine engineering, sea traffic safety and arctic marine technology. Marine Technology (ex. Ship Laboratory) has four professors, together with research scientists and technical staff of 20 persons. Additional personnel include about 5+10 graduate students and postgraduate students aiming at doctor degree. Current research activities in ship hydrodynamics are connected to progressive flooding of large passenger vessel (TKK and NAPA have developed a novel simulation tool for flooding of damaged passenger ships), hydroelasticity of large vessels, CFD development and use in naval hydrodynamics and dynamic stability of intact ship. Ship Laboratory has been the coordinator and/or a participant in many EU-funded projects, e.g.: ARCOP, EFFORT, IRIS, INTERMODESHIP, SAFEICE, SANDWICH and SAND.CORe.

Mr Risto Jalonen, Lic.Sc. (Naval Architecture), will be the Coordinator of the project. His experience includes 10 years of R&D and ship project design duties (incl. cruise ships) in the marine industry and almost 20 years of research and education in Ship Laboratory (as a senior/ research scientist/ laboratory manager). He has been the coordinator of the FP5 project IRIS and the project leader in ARCOP/WP1.

Professor Pentti Kujala will supervise the project. Professor Jerzy Matusiak will participate in the research in WP2 and WP3. Both professors have long experience in international projects and their expertise includes sea traffic safety (Kujala), structural safety (Kujala), hydrostatics and hydrodynamics (Matusiak). The team of the Ship Laboratory will be complemented by a web-master and 2-3 M.Sc. students - apart from the technical staff.

The experiments in Task 2.3 will be carried out in the Laboratory of Water Resources Engineering. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering has carried out teaching and research in the field of hydraulic and hydrologic engineering over a period of 80 years. The laboratory has performed more than 250 small scale experiments since 1970's. The facilities of this laboratory, located in the same building as the Ship Laboratory, include a 40 m long flume (width 1.1 m, max depth 1.3 m) for model scale hydraulic experiments.

The Laboratory of Water Resources Engineering's team includes professor Pertti Vakkilainen, who will be the supervisor of the Task 2.3, D. Sc. Juha Järvelä, who is the lecturing researcher devoted to hydraulic engineering and Lic.Sc. Antti Hepojoki, who is the laboratory engineer, and the technical staff.

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