Workpackage 1: Design and application

Workpackage number1 Start date or starting event 1
Activity typeResearch and technological development
Participant id AALTOSTXDNVMW    
Person-months per participant:3 312


The work of this work package is an important part of the project producing necessary information and data of two cruise ship designs as well as supporting the dissemination process, as the results of the scientific work will be transferred into improvements in the safety of the cruise ship designs beyond the requirements of the current rules and regulations.

Description of work

Task 1.1 Development of basic design of passenger ships
(Responsible: STX, Participants: MW)

The shipyards will develop and provide one representative sample cruise ship design per shipyard: Relevant information of sample ship designs of different size for flood simulation calculation purposes. The main objective is to produce sufficient documentation and data of two large cruise ship designs with different size for WP2 and WP3.

Task 1.2 Analysis of the real flooding effects on design
(Responsible: STX, Participants: MW, DNV, TKK)

Based on the conclusions of the other work packages, different design concepts for spaces below and on the bulkhead deck will be analyzed. The new concepts will be developed considering the weak points of the original designs. They have still to comply with actual statutory rules and regulations but the real flooding behaviour has to be improved. The main focus is on 2 different aspects:

The different new concepts and arrangement will be analyzed with the flooding simulation tools and compared with the current design practices as shown in the sample ship designs defined in Task 1.1. The main objective for the judgement of the designs is the stability during and after the flooding as well as the remaining time to escape from the flooded rooms.


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